Ada with Love creates meaningful custom designs that celebrate your pet’s life and your bond with your furry best friend. Founded by Chrissandra Ada, it is the first in Singapore, and one of the very few businesses in the world to offer keepsakes made from your pet’s hair. Whether it is a fur-embedded keepsake, handspun fur-woven clothing or a pencil sketch that captures your pet’s personality, every item is thoughtfully made and allows you to keep your pet close to your heart.  

Christmas Seasonal collection

Handspun fur collection

You’ll never forget how their fur feels like again.


Resin Keepsakes

Fond memories of your furkid that will stay with you forever.

Pet Portrait

Capture the essence of your furkid’s personality in hand-drawn portraits.

  • About Ada with Love

    A designer by day, Chrissandra Ada is a multi-talented crafter
    who has always been passionate about helping animals.
    She found a way to combine both interests when she started drawing pet portraits to raise money for animals in need of medical attention.
    But it was only when her beloved dog Elmo passed away that she became a chiengora (pet hair) spinner.  

    Using the fur she collected from his grooming sessions, she handspun the fur into yarn and knitted it into a scarf so she could feel the soft touch of his fur against her skin and feel close to him. It brought her great comfort and she started offering chiengora spinning services to help other pet owners overcome their grief.  

    This marked the start of Chrissandra’s pet memento business and many pet owners now commission her to draw portraits or spin fur into wearable items from their living pets as well.  

    Chrissandra is also a certified Reiki practitioner, crystal healer and animal communicator in her quest to better understand our animal friends and help people with their healing process.